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Announcing the 2018 Eden Alternative International



Join us May 3,4, and 5 in Atlanta, Georgia! 

Call for Presentations closes on July 8, 2017


By Laura Beck, Eden Alternative Blog


We, at The Eden Alternative, have a dream.  We have a dream that Elders everywhere will no longer suffer from loneliness, helplessness, and boredom.  We have a dream that the voice and choice of every Elder will be sought, heard, engaged, and celebrated. We have a dream that all care partners – employees, family members, and the Elders themselves – are empowered to create a life worth...


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McKnight's Features Eden Alternative CEO Chris Perna


By Elizabeth Leis Newman, Senior Editor, McKnights


A few days before Christmas in 1991, Chris Perna passed out in a work cafeteria and woke up in an emergency room.

He had experienced a seizure and tests revealed a small, inoperable brain tumor. His wife was expecting their first child. Then 30, Perna opted to be involved in an experimental protocol called stereotactic radiation therapy...


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Nevada Goes Dementia-Friendly Statewide

By Meg LaPorte, Contributor,


Dementia Friendly Nevada asks people with dementia and their care partners, ‘what do you need and how can we help you develop what’s needed in your communities?’”


Becoming a dementia-friendly community takes much more than educating age-related organizations and service providers. It takes all sectors of society coming together to not only raise awareness but also make the changes necessary to ensure that individuals with dementia and their care partners...

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Is Your Cup Too Full?


By Denise Hyde, Eden Alternative Blog


Maybe the system cannot be changed because those who have the wisdom, skills, resources and talents to change it have their cups full of the wrong blend of tea.


Our minister began a sermon recently telling the story of the Zen master. The story goes that a university professor traveled to visit a famous Zen master to learn from him. They sat down and the Zen master served the professor some tea. While the Zen master was pouring the tea, the professor proudly shared all he knew about Zen. The master poured the tea cup to...


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Sherbrooke Community Centre Featured in Canadian Nursing Home Magazine

Deborah Schick, a Team Leader of Professional Practice at Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, authored an article featuring the Eden Alternative Philosophy and the culture change journey in general. Schick's article was published in the Spring Issue of Canadian Nursing Home Magazine.


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