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What is Bill Thomas Up To?


Dr. Bill Thomas Announces Latest Project at Senior Living Innovation Forum


By Michael Owens, Senior Living Innovation Forum


BOCA RATON, Fla., June 5, 2017 -- Dr. Bill Thomas, founder of The Eden Alternative and The Green House Project, took the stage at the Senior Living Innovation Forum and announced his next big innovation, MINKA™, a tiny house project poised to make a big impact.


In Japanese, the literal translation of Minka is “the people's house.” It is the name of traditional post-and-beam Japanese houses which emphasize simple design and the innovative use of natural materials.


The first “Minka House” built by Dr. Thomas and his team is designed as a compact backyard-cottage for his 21-year-old daughter Haleigh Jane Thomas. 


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Dignity: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Express It


Posted in Homewatch Caregivers Care Community



While people express a desire to be “treated with dignity” or others plead to have dignity “maintained,” it’s not always clear what this means in practical terms.


There are six definitions for dignity in the dictionary, and the word can start to sound a bit posh. Perhaps this one seems to be the most relevant: “bearing, conduct, or speech indicative of self-respect or appreciation of the formality or gravity of any occasion or situation.” Another way of putting it would be that one person’s actions show they care about another.


“To me, dignity means a recognition of the person: as valued, and as an equal in any interactions, regardless of any infirmity or disability,” says Dr. G. Allen Power, M.D., a geriatrician, dementia expert and author of “Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care.” “It means recognizing that all people have certain basic rights. In the case of health care, these include...


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Grade 6 Students Learn Alongside Long-Term Care Elders

A video from The National


Our friends at Sherbrooke Community Centre in Saskatoon, SK, Canada have created an amazing classroom experience.  

They were discovered by a local news organization that created this very special video to help us all get a peek inside to see how the magic happens.


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Stop. Think. Feel.


Posted by Namara McCall on


Hi there – Millennial gal over here.


Everyday, I move closer to the big 28 – ya know, the moment when my body “officially” switches from growing to aging – and further away from being called a child *ahem* young adult.


Here’s the thing; we are constantly faced with the concept of transition. While I might not share the life experience of an elder yet, I can still identify with human feelings of isolation, shame, fear and anxiety – ok let’s also add... 


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Fostering Furry Friends


These days, at The Eden Alternative, we catch ourselves shying away from sharing stories about fur and feathers.  Why?  


Because folks can get carried away with the novelty of Elders and animals, ignoring the depth of our philosophy and the rich layers of person-directed care in general.  As change agents, we know...


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