Is Employee Turnover Keeping You Up at Night?

Split into five 90-minute, ONLINE sessions, this training gives  your leadership team the skills needed to create an empowered and highly engaged organizational culture…


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This engaging, practical ONLINE training can help you improve employee retention…


Keeping valued team members can feel like a losing battle, but a recent Gallup study found that 75% of turnover is due to things that leadership can influence. One of the best investments an organization can make is developing leadership teams skilled in creating high engagement.


Engaged employees are happy employees.


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Participants learn how to:

  • Ask the right questions,
  • Leverage the ideas of all stakeholders;
  • Build on team member strengths;
  • Foster the inner leader in everyone;
  • Grow teams with a sense of ownership;
  • Use different decision-making methods;
  • Support challenging transitions; and
  • Make meetings more efficient & effective.


7.5 CEUs available through NAB.

2-3:30 pm ET



$350 per person

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