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February/March 2019



Our Mission: To improve the well-being of Elders and their care partners

by transforming the communities in which they live and work.



Upcoming Educational Opportunities:



Trauma-Informed Care:
Making Peace with the Past

A 2-Part Webinar Series Hosted by The Eden Alternative®



Lisa Kendall, LCSW-R, CSW-G, Eden Educator and Mentor, will explore how a variety of traumatic experiences may impact Elders and their care partners, and engage the audience in understanding the challenges and rewards of addressing the needs of those affected by trauma in their unique practice settings.

The sessions will be happening on February 26th and March 5th at 2pm ET (for 90 minutes).


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Seize your chance to experience the legendary Sherbrooke Community Centre, the first Milestone 4 Eden Registry Member in the world, and the community featured during Certified Eden Associate Training.


This is an exclusive and extraordinary opportunity to spend 3 days, side-by-side, with CEO Suellen Beatty and her powerhouse team through a deep dive into Sherbrooke’s innovative culture and community life.


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Eden Alternative Academy Semester Six



Eden Alternative Academy semester six, Finding Eden in Behavioral Health, was incredible. Hope Carwile and Rebecca Hubbard, both Eden Educators, shared their passion for bringing the Eden Alternative Principles and Domains of Well-Being to life for individuals living with mental health dis-ease, substance abuse and trauma.


One of the things they said the second week, that stuck with me, is that individuals living with these life challenges just want to know “Will you be there for me?” That’s just one of the many key learnings I’ve taken away from these five sessions.


If you were not able to attend the live events, please consider going to Eden Alternative Academy ON-DEMAND webpage and access archived semester sessions. Semester six will be available March 1st. Gather the team, listen to the recordings and take on the growth work. It could be life changing for all care partners, not just the Elders you serve.


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Ideas Worth Sharing


Check out this blog by Joan Devine, Eden Educator and Director of Education for the Pioneer Network. She talks about the power of networks to move change forward. It is great reminder about Principle Nine and the concept of ongoing growth and evolution throughout life. We can accomplish more when we seize the opportunities for collaboration to really make an impact that can change Elders lives forever! 
You are well aware that The Eden Alternative has very strong feelings about the power of ageism and ableism to damage well-being for everyone on the care partner team. It is a societal norm that needs to change! The Pioneer Network, specifically Paul Weiss, took this issue on through a Facebook challenge that is happening right now. The Facebook challenge is How Hard Did Aging Hit You? Read the blog and consider posting about the challenge and how dangerous it is to all of us to only see aging as decline.
Eden Registry Members know that servant leadership is the pathway to changing the culture of Eldercare. Adopting a servant leadership style is written into the Path to Mastery. McKnight’s recently published an article by Jacqueline Vance, RNC, CDONA/LTC, about leadership through the role of a golf caddie. We found it to be a great metaphor. Enjoy!
How important is compassion in healthcare? Kris Angevine found this great TED talk, from a physician, about compassion. Many people tend to think that being person-centered takes too much time. Listen to this physician who discovered that just 40 seconds can change a life, including yours! If you want to explore this topic more, consider reading the book Return of Compassion to Healthcare by Vivian Tellis-Nayak. It is a great read!
The team at Anam Cara, part of Wesley Mission Queensland, AU created a wonderful Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being tree painting. The description posted beside the picture says:
"This Eden tree symbolizes our partnership with the indigenous student representatives of the school community at Bray Park State High School and local Elders. The seven branches are a symbol of each of the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being. The dots in the art work represent life within our community that is colourful and diverse, whereas the tree itself, is a symbol for never-ending growth in unity." 
What a powerful way to express the depth and breadth of the power of well-being!
This TED talk is an amazing story from a son about his journey with his Mom who was living with dementia. It is very inspiring and thought-provoking. Enjoy!. 

The team at North Star Rehabilitation and Care Community, Denver, CO has started a new group called Connections Around the World. They have joined a monthly shipment club that send a new box of goodies, treats, candies, snacks and drinks from different countries. They are called Yum Boxes. Looks like they had a great time with their latest box from Germany. What a great idea!


2019 Eden Registry Networking Groups



The 2019 Eden Registry Networking Calls have started. The first three months we are going to focus on recruitment and retention of employees. Our fist discussion was great! We look forward to hearing about the experiments, research and changes you worked on when we meet next on March 7, 2019 at 2pm ET. You can find the 2019 networking call topic list, registration link and recordings on the “Webinar, Networking and Conference Call Schedule” page of the Registry Member section of the website. Recordings of the call will be listed on that page as well.


Additional webinars will be happening during the year to learn from thought leaders in the Eden Alternative family. The first call will be on March 21st at 2 pm ET.  The thought leader is Rebecca Priest and the topic is “Make Something Out of Nothing”.   Rebecca is a social worker and nursing home administrator who brought tremendous change to her organization and will talk about how resources can be finite, but also rearranged. She will explore and review case examples of how leadership can build towards new without breaking the bank.  You will find the registration link on the “Webinar, Networking and Conference Call Schedule” page of the Registry Member section of the website. We hope you will join us for the call.


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Celebrating Milestone mastery: 
    • Solvang Friendship House, Solvang, CA – Milestone 2 mastery!

A CBC Television news crew from Toronto spent a few days at Sherbrooke Community Centre, Saskatoon, SK. They produced a great video story about the home and how life is experienced by the Elders and their care partners. The realities of the upside and downside of optimizing autonomy for Elders were shared. Thank you team Sherbrooke for keeping it real!


Newest Eden Registry Members: 

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