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Health & Wellness Watch


At Potomac Basin Group, we understand the importance of Wellness Programs and educating our employees on ways to live the healthiest lives they can. In this section you will find articles and updates on what's trending in the world of health & wellness.



 Diet & Nutrition 
**Health Magazine


12 Ways To Have Your Happiest &
Fittest Year Ever

How To Eat Happy

20 Heath Mistakes You Need To Stop Making
Before You Turn 40

**Health Magazine


A Super-Simple Strength Routine To Soothe Your Aching Back

A 10-Minute Cycling Workout That Will Help You
Hate Running Less


5 Killer Push-Up Variations For Seriously
Sculpted Arms


Family Wellness

 **Health Magazine

Habits of Happy Families

5 Ways To Create A More
Peaceful Home

Stay Active With Your Kids


Mental Wellness & Happiness
**Health Magazine


Secrets To a Super Happy Winter




Employee Benefits

2016 Health Care Reform Preview

A new year means new and continuing responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for employers sponsoring group health plans. Key steps for businesses to prepare for 2016 include:
1. Evaluating Grandfathered Status of Group Health Plan
Remember that changes to a grandfathered plan that reduce benefits or increase costs to employees may result in a loss of grandfathered status, requiring the plan to come into compliance with additional ACA requirements that previously did not apply because the plan was exempt. Grandfathered plans must provide notice to enrollees and keep appropriate records to maintain grandfathered status.

Do's and Don'ts of Employee Performance Reviews
For many employers, wrapping up the year includes holding annual employee performance reviews. While reviews may take place at any time of the year (for example, on the anniversary of an employee's start date), you may want to end the year by resolving any lingering issues that may have gone unaddressed over the past 12 months.
Keep the following do's and don'ts in mind to help make the most of your performance reviews:
DO have a system in place for measuring performance. This could be as simple as tracking the number of clients contacted or the number of sales per month. Make sure your employees clearly understand the performance standards against which they will be judged.
DON'T delay discussing performance issues with an employee. When it comes time for the formal review, there really shouldn't be any surprises if there has been ongoing communication and feedback between the supervisor and employee.

Prevent the Spread of Germs at Work

Interaction between people in close contact increases the risk for respiratory illnesses like the flu to spread. In the workplace, employees who are sick may not be as productive when it comes to getting work done, and symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and fever can spread germs to healthy employees.
Everyday preventive actions that can help prevent the spread of germs in the workplace include:
1. Cover Your Mouth and Nose.
Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Flu viruses are thought to spread mainly from person to person through coughing, sneezing, or talking to someone with the flu.
2. Avoid Touching Your Eyes, Nose, or Mouth. Flu viruses also may spread when people touch something with flu virus on it and then touch their mouth, eyes, or nose. Routinely clean frequently touched objects and surfaces, including doorknobs, keyboards, and phones, to help remove germs.

Business Insurance

Winter Slips and Falls Lead To Rise In Workers’ Comp Claims

Along with mounds of snow and freezing cold temperatures, winter also brings a rise in workers’ compensation claims.  Winter-related slip and fall claims doubled in 2013-2014 over the previous year.

Damage To Roof Caused 
By Ice Damming

Icicles are a common sight during the winter months, but they can actually be a sign of an even bigger problem, called an ice dam. 

Personal Insurance

Important Coverage Reminders:
Automobile: Gap Insurance (Loan/Lease coverage)- provides coverage for your automobile that if in the event of a total loss the amount you owe on the loan is higher than the value of the vehicle, the insurance will cover that gap. 
Condominium: Your personal condominium policy known as an HO-6 policy includes coverage for building additions and alterations, personal property, liability and loss assessment.   



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