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Health & Wellness Watch


At Potomac Basin Group, we understand the importance of Wellness Programs and educating
our employees on ways to live the healthiest lives they can. In this section you will find articles and updates on what's trending in the world of health & wellness.



 Diet & Nutrition 
**U.S. News & World Report


Will Going Organic Help You Lose Weight?

Obesogens: The Environmental Link To Obesity

The Weird Way to Make Your Supermarket Trip Healthier

**U.S. News & World Reportvvvv


What Keeps You Young? 

All Women Should Lift Weights

Is Salt the Newest Workout Supplement?


Family Wellness

 **U.S. News & World Report


Help! My Child Is 'FalingTo Thrive'!

Should You Enroll Your Child In A Clinical Study?

The Future of Birth Control for Women


Mental Wellness & Happiness
**U.S. News & World Report



Do You Sleep Too Much?

What Generosity Does toYour Brain and Life Expectancy

How to Stay Healthy During a Divorce











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Employee Benefits

Updated 2015 Pay or Play Penalty Calculators Now Available

The Pay or Play Penalty Calculators in your online HR library have been updated to include the inflation-adjusted penalty amounts for 2015. There are two separate calculators for 2015, depending on an employer's number of full-time employees (including full-time equivalents):

  • Penalty Calculator for Employers With 50 to 99 Full-Time Employees
  • Penalty Calculator for Employers With 100 or More Full-Time Employees

To use the updated calculators, simply enter data on the number of full-time employees and employees receiving a premium tax credit or cost-sharing reduction for a month, and the spreadsheet will calculate the estimated penalty for the month.


8 Topics to Include in Your Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is an important tool you can use to effectively communicate information regarding your company's policies, practices, and employee benefits. As a starting point, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) suggests including the following 8 topics:
1. General Employment Information
Provide a general overview of your business and lay out the company's basic policies relating to employment eligibility, job classifications, and employee records.
2. Anti-Discrimination Policies
Your handbook should include a section about applicable federal and state nondiscrimination laws (such as the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and Title VII), and how your employees are expected to comply. This section is also a good place to set out your sexual harassment policy.
3. Compensation
Clearly explain that your company will make required deductions from employees' pay for federal and state taxes, as well as voluntary deductions for the company's benefits programs. In addition, you should outline your obligations under federal and state wage and hour laws regarding overtime pay, pay schedules, time-keeping records, and meal and rest breaks.

New Proposed Definition of 'Fiduciary' for Retirement Plans

A new proposed rule would expand the number of persons who are subject to fiduciary standards when providing retirement investment advice. Among other responsibilities, fiduciaries are required by law to act impartially, provide advice that is in plan sponsors' and plan participants' best interests, and are not permitted to receive payments creating conflicts of interest without a specific exemption.

New Standards for Fiduciary Status
Under the proposed definition, any individual receiving compensation for providing advice that is individualized or specifically directed to a particular plan sponsor (e.g., an employer with a retirement plan), plan participant, or IRA owner for consideration in making a retirement investment decision is a fiduciary. 
Business Insurance

Business Insurance- The Basics 
Insurers often combine a number of insurance coverage’s into a package that is sold as a single contract. The most common policy for small businesses is the Businessowners Policy (BOP).

The BOP combines coverage for all major property and liability insurance risks as well as many additional coverages into one package policy suitable for most small businesses. The term “BOP” specifically refers to insurance policy language developed (and revised as needed) by experts at ISO. ISO provides sample insurance policy language, research and a variety of other products to insurance companies.

The BOP includes business income insurance, sometimes called business interruption insurance. This compensates a business owner for income lost following a disaster.
Personal Insurance

Automobile Insurance
Automobile insurance is insurance that typically follows the vehicle-if you give permission for another person to drive your vehicle or loan out your car and an accident occurs, your insurance (not the driver’s) will likely pay. 
This means, the accident will also follow your insurance record.  Most people think that if they loan out their vehicle and an accident occurs, it will not affect their insurance record.  However, this is not the case.  
Remembering this will help you to be very careful and selective with who you loan your vehicle out to

Condominium Facts

HO-6  Policies vs. Master Policies. 

The Master Policy provides coverage on a replacement cost
basis, for all covered losses as outlined in the policy. The intent of the policy is to restore any unit to it’s original condition (as it
was prior to the loss) and per the original building specifications.

The HO-6 Policy provides coverage for alterations and improvements which are part of the building contained within the "residence premises".

Learn more about what each policy covers and find out if you have enough coverage for your condo, click here


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