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Health & Wellness Watch


At Potomac Basin Group, we understand the importance of Wellness Programs and educating
our employees on ways to live the healthiest lives they can. In this section you will find articles and updates on what's trending in the world of health & wellness.



 Diet & Nutrition 
**USA Today


Non-prescription Allergy Relief: What You Need To Know

Drink Up? Sorting Out Water Truths vs. Myths

FDA To Phase Out Trans Fats From Food

**The Washington Post
**USA Today


Fitness 'Sorority' Looks To Liberate Women From The Elliptical

Why Gym Owners Are Retrofitting
Old Movie Theaters


Don't Just Talk the Talk: Walk, With A Group


Family Wellness

 **USA Today


Vaccines: Facts vs. Myths

Advice To Take the Bite Out of Bug Season

Message To Retirees: Sit Less,
Live Better and Longer


Mental Wellness & Happiness
**USA Today



Solutions To Woes of Mentally Ill Exist But Aren't Used

Cost of Not Caring: Nowhere To Go
The financial and human toll for neglecting the mentally ill












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Employee Benefits

Access to Health Care Remains High on List of Employer-Provided Benefits
Employer-provided medical care was available to 86% of full-time employees in the private sector, according to data from March 2015 reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in July. Twenty-one percent of part-time workers in the private sector had access to employer-provided health care benefits.

3 Guidelines for Managing a Difficult Employee
Managing a difficult employee is one of the biggest challenges an employer can face. While you might be tempted to ignore the situation and hope it improves on its own, it's important to take action before the behavior affects overall workplace morale and productivity (or drives other valuable employees away). These three steps can help you get the situation under control:

Wrap SPDs: Satisfying Disclosure Requirements for Group Health Plans
To ensure that employees participating in a group health plan are provided with the most important facts about their benefits, rights, and obligations under the plan, the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires the plan administrator--typically the employer sponsoring the plan--to furnish a Summary Plan Description (SPD). The SPD contains important disclosures and other information about the plan in understandable terms.


Business Insurance

General Liability: Are You Covered??

The number of lawsuits being filed against businesses like yours is both surprising and alarming. And it’s often the customer you’d least expect who sues.   That’s why every business needs commercial general liability insurance.  It provides your business with the financial protection that can help keep your assets from becoming vulnerable in the event of a lawsuit.
Personal Insurance

Do you have an inventory of your home possessions?
Taking an inventory of your household items can take some time but in the event of a loss such as a fire or theft, you will appreciate that you have a record of what you own.  You can obtain a household inventory form from your agent.

Understanding the benefits of an
independent agent:

Your independent agent is working for you! A direct writer is working for the carrier.  Unlike a direct writer, an independent agent represents many different companies and has the ability to select the one that most fits the individual need.  Rather than a consumer contacting multiple carriers to obtain a rate and discuss coverages, a call to an independent agent who can quote multiple companies will make the task much easier and allows the consumer to have choices.  


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