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Tollmate Update
Our App Keeps Getting Smarter – Just Like You
Savvy drivers know they can trust the free Tollmate app to…
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Ask the Experts:
Does NTTA Ever Charge TollTag Account Holders Twice?

NTTA never double bills TollTag members or other drivers…
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Ask the Experts


TollPerks Love
TollPerks Loves Me, TollPerks Loves Me Even More...
If there were a sixth “Love Language,” ours would be…
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Be Alert for New Lanes – And Workers
You may have noticed more lanes in more places…
04 Projects: New Lanes
Projects New Lanes


Engineering Scholarship
College Scholarship Available: Future Engineers Wanted
We sponsor a scholarship to support the problem-solvers of tomorrow…
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All Aboard! North Texas Has the Hottest Tickets to All-Access Fun
The destination is adventure as we head north, south and Far East…
06 Community Events
Community Events


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Customer Service Center
972-818-6882 (NTTA)
817-731-6882 (NTTA)


Roadside Assistance
Dial 214-224-2203 or #999

Emergencies on the Roadway
Dial 911 immediately

NTTA Administrative Offices

Current Road Conditions
and Lane Closures

Driving Conditions

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