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Call for Proposals for 2020 National Conference


Proposals Due April 30

Are you considering speaking at the 2020 ACMA National Case Management and Transitions of Care Conference, April 6-9, 2020?


Below are some reasons about why presenting will benefit you personally and professionally propel your career. Challenge yourself today!


Top Reasons to Be a Speaker at the 2020 National Conference


1. Share your expertise with others. 

Even if you're early in your career or you think your knowledge is limited, sharing what you've experienced along your career path helps other ACMA members benefit from shared knowledge.


2. Master your discipline.

Being a speaker can help you learn even more about your subject area. Particularly as you try to anticipate attendee questions, you might just find yourself expanding your area of expertise.


3. Learn a new skill.

Past speakers have shared how they always learn something new from conference attendees. It's rewarding to share your knowledge and expand your knowledge at the same time.


4. Build lasting connections. 

While meeting other professionals is a definite perk, having those new connections turn into professional relationships and lasting friendships is an outstanding motivator to present.


5. Become an influencer.

Engage with like-minded colleagues from across the country and expand your professional network.


6. Help others.

Instead of focusing on what you can take away from the experience, remember that presenting your learnings can help your peers.


7. Have fun!

Past speakers have shared about how the opportunity was challenging, rewarding and fun!



The deadline to submit your proposal is April 30, 2019.



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