An Ideal Solution for Medical Facilities Looking to Save

Time and Receive Approved Reimbursement Assistance




Instant Decision Making Among Collaborating Experts


We were thrilled to receive such a remarkable response to the iMedHD2 Mobile Cart-Based Solution.  This solution is a superb tool for allowing timely medical decisions by creating live sessions spontaneously when needed (i.e. FNA biopsies, TBNA’s, Cytopathology).  


Pristine live-dynamic HD video is streamed easily and securely to remote pathologists from any room the cart is located.  Now you can immediately consult directly from the operating or procedure room. 


RMT Technology provides great economic benefit with enhanced work flows.  Our telecytology solution adds financial value, in which medical facilities around the world have seen a great return on their investments.


"The strengths of the TC solution are usability and seamless integration into TC adequacy workflow, along with robust security and authentication mechanisms." - Memorial Sloan Kettering 

To set up a remote demonstration or onsite evaluation at your facility please click here.


Please take a moment to view the MSKCC Poster Presentation, titled "High Volume Rapid Adequacy Assessment Of Fine Needle Aspirations And Touch Preparations Using Telecytology: A Major Cancer Center Experience."


My team and I look forward to providing you with answers to any questions you may have.  Thank you again for visiting us in New Orleans and making ASC 2016 a great success!


Best Regards,

Don Marchon,

Founder & CEO



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