RMT Provides Significant ROI with Enhanced Telecytology Workflows


Remote Medical Technologies’ (RMT) was honored to demonstrate our Telecytology Solution at the 2018 conference in Washington, DC.


Industry leaders articulated the proven benefits and ROI of the RMT Telecytology Solution. The RMT Family is grateful and privileged to have been selected for the innovative programs that these cytology experts have designed for daily use.


Proven studies show that cytopathologists have saved over 86% of their time by implementing RMT Telecytology for ROSE!  


RMT cleverly combined their telepathology technology with a purpose-built mobile cart, accommodating industrial-strength wireless connectivity, for rapid on-site evaluations.   


Generate NEW Revenue Flows- ROSE is clinically useful and a billable procedure!



Please let us know if you would like to build and optimize your own telecytology program! 






Clinical Advantages


Operational Gains


Business Rewards






Our iMedHD2™ Mobile-Cart Solution gives users the ability to quickly and securely participate in live, dynamic streaming of HD video and audio sessions from their PC, MAC, iPhone™ or iPad™, or Android™ devices.


The Value of QA  when Performing Telecytology for ROSE

Few Errors Reported.

Majority of Errors were non-technical due to specimen misinterpreted or not seen.

Improved individual performance and communication among team members. 


Comparison of Telecytology ROSE and Traditional ROSE

Significant time saved for the cytopathologists without change in diagnostic performance.

Upfront investment can maximize efficiency.

Easily expand services to remote locations.



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Don Marchon

Founder & CEO