Thank  You...

...for taking the time at the AAPA 40th Annual Conference to visit us and discuss Remote Medical Technologies' secure web-based, dynamic, streaming, real-time ("live") HD remote robotic telepathology capabilities!  

To view this video in its entirety please click HERE.  



When you stopped by the booth you may have been attracted by RMT's unique capability to deliver quickly the dynamic, streaming, real-time (“live”), high definition grossing images over the Internet to distant locations in an “IT-secure” fashion.  You may have been attracted to our newly unveiled Remote Robotic Control Functionality.  This functionality proved to be a sensation at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan– not only as a result of the speed of its high performance – but because it is allowed to be accessed by iPads, iPhones &/or Android-based devices – in addition to standard workstations (Windows-based or Mac).  This exceptional accessibility offers another dimension of flexibility & versatility to RMTs' telepathology technology.


If you did not get a complete or thorough enough demonstration of our technology, you can see a video recorded at the conference here.


Similarly, please feel free to view our literature downloads of our iMedHD Scope and Grossing Systems and other products here or schedule an online demonstration at your convenience.  


My team and I look forward to following up with you soon.  Thank you again for visiting us and making AAPA's 40th Annual Conference a great success!


Best Regards,

Don Marchon, Founder & CEO


You can learn more about Remote Medical Technologies and our various Telemedicine Capabilities by visiting our website at or scheduling an online demo.  


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