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Remote Medical Technologies (RMT) was thrilled to be a first-time exhibitor at the RSNA 2014 Annual Meeting and truly found our time in Chicago to be a great success.  Having the opportunity to share our latest in teleradiology technology and learn about innovations within the field was a great privilege.




We are fairly certain that you were initially attracted to our booth because of our unique capability to deliver real-time, high definition imaging.  Or, you may have been attracted to our high speed performance tele-ultrasound capabilities and found that our technology could be a great asset to your facility.  Whatever the reason may be, demonstrating our iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System to you was a pleasure!  However, we understand that with a hectic daily schedule and much commotion on the exhibit floor, you may not have been able to learn all the benefits of telemedicine and may have some lingering questions on how it works. 


With that being said, we invite you to view this brief demonstration video.  



Also, please visit our website at and schedule a personal online demonstration at your convenience.  This short online demo is conducted right from a PC or MAC and can include any of your colleagues as well.  If you would like, you can even witness the iMedHD2™ Tele-Ultrasound System straight from your tablet or mobile device.  Of course, you can always feel free to email us at with any questions you may have or to request further information. 


Again, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit us at our booth and making RSNA 2014 a great success.  My team and I look forward to speaking with you again soon. 


Best Regards,

Don Marchon

Founder & CEO