JANUARY 2018                                                                                               VOL. 20 | ISSUE 1


As we say goodbye to 2017, we again want to thank everyone who made the past year possible. We spend time at the end of the year evaluating the past twelve months and it’s obvious we couldn’t do it without our amazing partners and talented employees. The new year brings promise to accomplish new things and we, at Henning Companies, are excited to be able to continue to share them with you. Here’s to an amazing 2018! Happy New Year!




A Night Out at the Iowa Turkey Federation

By Lisa Beohm | Strategic Relationships Manager


The Iowa Turkey Federation held its annual meeting and winter convention December 5-7, at the West Des Moines Marriott. Educational sessions included topics such as, Markets & Influences on Today’s Agriculture (Mike Pearson – Market to Market), National Turkey Federation update (Joel Brandenberger), What’s Happening in Turkey Health (Dr. Bob Owen – BVS), What’s New in Brooding (William Alexander – Hybrid), Understanding Turkey Cellulitis (Britney Rauk – ISU), and How to Connect with Wanda (Aaron Putze – IA Soybean Association). The Wednesday evening banquet had a theme of bowties & sequins, and the menu included carving turkeys on platters. Mike Meissen of Iowa Area Development Group did the honors at our table. Henning Companies was proud to sponsor the Pioneer Award, which was given posthumous to Dr. Melvin Hofstad, who is recognized internationally as a major contributor in poultry disease research for 45 years. Before the evening’s end, the ITF held it’s PAC auction to help reach their two-year goal of $20K. Lisa Henning Beohm became the proud owner of a metal turkey (Gretta), as seen pictured with IA Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey (nominated by President Trump to become the Undersecretary for Farm Production and Conservation in the United States Department of Agriculture). Gretta was gifted to the Henning Johnston office, where employees are enjoying photo ops and rotating whose desk will call her home.




Leave No Time for Negativity!

By Al Koch | CEO


Leave no Time in Your Life for the NEGATIVE STUFF!


It seems like we are in a time and place where all we hear/read is the NEGATIVE and so many people Continue to dwell on it.  Of course, there are real issues that you and I truly need to be concerned about.


However, I believe that our status is mostly a state of mind.  If we  only think about the positive things, then we create MORE of the positive things and more positive energy and events continue to happen for ALL of us. 


Has your contractor ever come in and told you, “Well, we have hit a brick wall?” 

We like to take our motto from a quote from the book by Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture.


“The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.”  We do NOT believe in letting obstacles get in our way, because we want your business in a very POSITIVE way!

We at the Henning Companies, LLC endeavor to bring to you the positive experience of real customer service, with sound fundamentals, and genuine attention.  We POSITIVELY  PROMISE a positive and clear approach to bring your dreams to reality.  We will and have helped our customers and clients not to “hit that brick wall!”


At Henning Companies, we believe in the POSITIVES, and that is what is in front of our companies and all of our people.  We believe in looking forward, NOT behind (we are not going that way).  The future is in front of all of us and we hope to be part of your future project!


This combination is the Construction solution many Companies promise but only the Henning Companies DELIVERS!



Let's Be Social! 

By Sam Merfeld | Marketing Coordinator


Did you know Henning Companies is on social media? 


Social media is the fastest growing industry in the world... and the purpose of social media networks is to build brand awareness and increase visibility. Which is what we want to do, right?


That being said, we need your help to grow our online and social media presence! If you use any of the following platforms, please go like or follow the Henning Companies profiles. I also encourage you to share with your family and friends!






Safety Update








Hybrid Turkeys Hatchery Opens in Beatrice,NE


Hendrix Genetics opened Hybrid Turkeys Hatchery in Beatrice, NE. Led by Senior Project Manager, Nick Welter, the 30,000 square-foot facility will hatch parent stock turkeys for the North American market. The facility also features a new delivery fleet that will transport poultry across the US. The trucks will feature advanced technology to simulate a hatchery environment during transport. Another Hybrid Turkey is underway, led by Welter, in Beresford, SD. The new facility is expected to open in 2018. 



Four Kum & Go Stores in Four Weeks

By Brett Cruse | Project Manager


Four Kum & Go convenience stores opened in the last four weeks. Led by Project Manager, Berry Reeves, the first opened its doors in Sioux Falls, SD on November 16th. Shortly followed by stores in Muscatine and Williamsburg, IA both led my Project Manager, Brett Cruse. Springfield, MO, led by Project Manager, Ian Rinker, opened on December 14th. The four stores feature Kum & Go’s newest Market Fresh design. 


All four stores opened successfully with minimal opening day glitches. Congrats to  our Convenience Store team on another successful year!!




Kraft Heinz Commits to 100% Cage-Free Eggs by 2025

Article from Feedstuffs.com


The Kraft Heinz Co. this week said it will transition to 100% cage-free eggs in all global operations by 2025. The announcement was part of the release of its inaugural corporate social responsibility (CSR) report, which outlined the global food company’s CSR strategy and goals.


“At Kraft Heinz, we’re focused on addressing the most critical environmental and societal challenges affecting our industry and global communities and finding ways to drive meaningful change – today and in the future,” Kraft Heinz chief executive officer Bernardo Hees said. “We began our CSR journey back in 2015 – grounded in the ideals of our founders, J.L. Kraft and H.J. Heinz – and are proud to share the steps we’ve taken to improve our planet and its people.”







Meet us in Atlanta! 


WHAT:      International Production and Processing Expo

WHERE:   Georgia World Congress Center | Atlanda

                 BOOTH: 6319

WHEN:     January 30th - February 1st





Attitudes: New Year’s Resolutions

By Dean Johnson | Safety Director


So, you made it to another year. You are still alive (obviously) and, presumably, at least somewhat healthy. Will you still be able to say this when 2018 rolls around? While I cannot answer this question yet, you can begin taking steps today to increase the likelihood you will be able to greet 2018 in as good a shape as you are today. What action should you take?


Begin with the realization that most premature deaths in this country are not work related. They are caused by your own personal habits such as smoking, drug/alcohol abuse, or poor eating habits, usually a high fat diet. Cigarettes coupled with air contaminants can be more harmful to you than just cigarettes alone. Being overweight can make you more susceptible to a back injury. Drug and alcohol abuse not only cause health problems, it is a concern to your employers because of the judgment and coordination problems it can cause. Evaluate your personal habits and limit your excesses!


More disabling injuries occur at home rather than at work. Why is this? Answer these questions for yourself:


  • Do you apply the same safety precautions at home as you do at work?
  • Are your home tools in good repair and properly guarded?
  • Is your ladder of good quality and in good repair?
  • If you are working with hazardous materials, do you wear personal protective equipment? 


When you are at work, you are expected, if not required to follow the safety rules. At home, you call the shots. You will be much better off at home by following the same safety rules and procedures you use at work.


So now, hopefully, you have decided to make your life healthier and safer at home. What can you do this year to make yourself safer at work? It all begins with ATTITUDE. Working the safe way is the only way. Injuries are not a natural outcome of working. Injuries are the result of something going wrong. Accidents do not just happen; they are caused. Keeping this in mind, be alert to the dangers of your job. Anticipate hazards and eliminate or control them before they cause harm to yourself or others. Learn as much as you can about the dangers of your work and pass that experience onto others. Cooperate with the safety efforts your company is making.


Although there is no guarantees, your personal actions will do more to assure yourself of a healthy and safe 2018.


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