Business Referrals: A Strategy Worth Investment
Article By: Arleen Taveras, CEO of ILSA, Inc. & Spot On Insurance


Everyone appreciates a good recommendation because of its potential to benefit all parties involved. A reference for a business or service is a low cost and effective marketing tool. So how can you utilize referrals to build your business? There are many ways to build a business with referrals, but a few key things deserve special attention for individuals and companies seriously contemplating this strategy.


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NOTICE: Price Changes


Please be aware of upcoming price changes for FedEx and Registered Agent Services. Official notification will be emailed at the end of the month.  




Dealing With A Lapsed License

Article By: Stefanie Cantu, Licensing & Compliance Supervisor


Douglas Adams put it best, "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." If your license renewal has whooshed by - whether accidentally or intentionally - and now you need that license active again, here's what to do.

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Mentoring Programs

Article By: Ted Taveras, COO/President ILSA, Inc & Spot On Insurance


A company that focuses on the needs and growth of their employees is one that is more likely to retain quality people. One way many companies are looking to invest in their employees is with a mentoring program. When done correctly, designing and implementing such a program is a proven technique to increase job satisfaction. Continue Reading




ATTENTION: Louisiana Licensees With Felony Convictions

Alert From The Louisiana Department of Insurance 


Act 299 of the 2018 regular session of the Louisiana Legislature, which became effective on August 1, 2018, gives the Commissioner of Insurance the authority to allow an insurance producer to employ in his business or to associate with his business an individual previously convicted of a felony if the producer first obtains the written consent of or a waiver from the commissioner.


Affected producers have until December 31, 2018 to come into compliance with Act 299.  Click here to read more.




3 Important Numbers for Licensing

Article By: Elaine Nance, Marketing Specialist


One of the most common questions we get at ILSA from new clients is, "Why do you need to know my Social Security Number?" While it's certainly a good idea to be cautious about sharing your SSN, your licensing compliance coordinator - whether in-house or outsourced - needs this information.


It's one of three unique identifying numbers that form the foundation of your licensing record.


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And The Winner Is...



Each year, ILSA holds their annual Award Ceremony to honor and appreciate those employees who went above and beyond throughout the year.


Pictured above are the winners of ILSA's 2018 Awards. From left to right: Miles Owen (Employee of the Year), Stefanie Cantu (Supervisor of the Year), Rabecca Garcia (Manager of the Year), Shaneaqua Canada (Determination & Diligence), Angel Ayres (Rookie of the Year), and Nathan Dingler (Outstanding Customer Service). 





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