Employee Motivation: The Critical Element of Engagement
Article By: Ted Taveras President & COO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


Going through the motions and doing just enough to get the job done isn't exactly the type of work output leaders want from their employees. Unfortunately, a recent Gallup study shows that by and large, employees are doing just enough to get by and clock out without much notice. Leaders are left wondering why a system that has worked in the past is failing to meet the needs of newer employees.


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5 Questions to Consider When Creating a Privacy Policy 

Article By: Russ Foster, General Manager of ILSA


As technology allows us to communicate with one another from anywhere, at any time, balancing accessibility and privacy becomes more and more difficult.

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South Carolina Announces Changes


Effective October 15, 2018, South Carolina will be live with State Based Systems (SBS). The implementation will bring changes to license numbers for both entities and individuals. Continue Reading





The Ripple Effect: The Far-Reaching Consequences of Catastrophic Events

Article By: Elaine Nance, Marketing Specialist


We often talk about living in a “globalized” and “connected” world. It’s true that even small “local” businesses today benefit from a network of resources and information undreamed of only a generation ago. If you’ve ever played the game of Six Degrees of Separation, you know that our lives are connected in often surprising ways.


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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Article By: Arleen Taveras, President & CEO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


When applying for a new job, your resume acts as your first impression. It needs to stand out from the dozens of other resumes and grab the reader's attention in seconds. That's no easy task. More importantly, if your resume doesn't impress, you won't get an interview - even if you're qualified for the job.


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You Just Lost Your Designated Responsible Producer ... Now What?

Article By: Joyce King, Quality Assurance Admin


Here's a source of angst for a lot of agencies out there. If your designated producer (DP) is not an owner of the agency ... with headhunters and greener grass everywhere you look, what's to keep them from going elsewhere? 


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