June 2018


Didn't That Guy Quit?

When employees leave your company, whether voluntarily or through a series of unfortunate choices, they may not remember to update their work status on their social networks.  This oversight can cause a variety of problems for both the employee and your company.  Fortunately, a few simple steps you can ensure a smooth transition for your former employee  and protect the integrity of your company's brand.


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The Results Are In: What Generation Are You?


In our May newsletter, we asked you to let us know which generation you belong to.  Now the results are in.  Which generations stood up to be counted?  Find out.

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ILSA Unveils New Data Forms


May 24th marked the release of ILSA's new and improved data forms for individuals and agencies. 


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Mergers & Acquisitions - How ILSA Can Help


Are you looking to sell your agency or buy a new one? You've analyzed and researched the financials, but have you thought about the compliance side of it?


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Oh, The Places We Want to Go!


ILSA asks that all important question, what is your dream vacation? Or, if you've already booked that dream vacation, where are you going this summer?



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