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Generation X-cellence

I was born in 1965, putting me on the leading edge of the group that’s come to be known as Generation X.  I and my fellow Gen X-ers have spent our lives squashed between the far more numerous Baby Boomers and Millennials.  Now that we’re in our peak earning years, however we’re starting to get more attention from both the media and marketers.  And we’re stepping forward as pragmatic leaders, made more resilient by forces that have shaped us.


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SURVEY: What Generation Are YOU?


There are a lot of articles out there right now discussing the different generations ... everything from how formative events shape their leadership styles, to how eagerly they embrace new technologies, to how to recruit them for your business. So let us know, what generation are you?

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Creating a Workable Wellness Program:


If you're like most businesses, your people are your single biggest expense. Salaries, benefits, training, it all adds up. So what are you doing to protect your investment - and keep your team happy and healthy? What makes a successful wellness program?


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ILSA/Spot On Insurance Conference Schedule Heats Up:


Goodbye cool weather; hello Texas summer! Despite rapidly climbing temperatures, we're picking up the pace of our conference attendance.



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Ever gotten a bounce-back on an email you've sent? Had to scour your notes for someone's current phone number? Received a piece of mail for someone who used to live at your address? If you think about it, our contact information changes frequently. And for insurance agents and agencies, failing to keep contact information up to date can (and does) result in administrative actions!


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