APRIL 2018


The Myth of Disruptive Innovation

Insurtech … it’s easy to fall in love with the idea a buzzword represents.  After all, that (along with a relentless drumbeat of media coverage) is how they become buzzwords in the first place.  But it’s easy to let the hype about new technologies and innovative business models convince you that you’re already behind the curve.


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SURVEY: The Impact of Insurtech


This month we're taking a closer look at insurtech. We want to know what you think. How much of an impact do you think these tools and business models will have on our industry?

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INSIDE ILSA: The Easter Bunny Visits ILSA!



Here at ILSA we love celebrating the holidays!  And we don't keep all the fun for ourselves.


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TRENDING: ILSA's DBA Renewals Service


If your business uses any name other than the one that appears on your Articles of Incorporation/Formation, you use a “Doing Business As” name (DBA), also called a trade, fictitious or assumed name.  (If you aren’t, call us – you probably should be.)

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ILSA, Inc. and Spot On Insurance will be attending The Surplus Lines Law Group Meeting in Austin, TX, on April 26 and 27, 2018. Attendees will be Ted Taveras, Arleen Taveras, Brian Allen, Sherry Groves and Rabecca Garcia.


Then on May 16, 2018, Ted and Arleen Taveras will attend the Surplus Lines and Reinsurance Forum in New York City.

Hope to see you there!





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