July 2019




Battling the Opioid Epidemic
Article By: Ted Taveras, President and COO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


Kevin Bingham is the Chief Results Officer at Chesapeake Employers Insurance Company, and the president and CEO of their wholly owned corporate venture capital subsidiary iCubed Ventures, LLC. He is a renowned public speaker and author of more than 80 articles on important trends impacting the insurance industry, including nine articles...  Read More



Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Article By: Arleen Taveras, President and CEO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


If you’re a businessperson, you’re most certainly committed to your career. You probably never forget to go to work every day, but do you forget to make time to...  Read More




Coming Back Stronger: The Importance of Resilience, Part 2

Article By: Elaine Nance, Marketing Specialist


While some people are innately more anxious or fearful than others, due in part to their genetic makeup, resilience is a ...


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Demystifying Life Insurance Settlements


Lisa Rehburg is the president of Rehburg Life Insurance Settlements. This innovative company helps people benefit from life insurance policies they no longer want or need. Lisa has over 30 years of experience working... Continue Reading





Let’s Talk Leadership

Article By: Rabecca Garcia, Surplus Lines Manager


When you think about leadership, do you think of a job title – manager, supervisor, boss? So often, this is true. But does the title mean you really know how to lead? Are you the kind of leader that...  Continue Reading





Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Article By Cameryn Hutchison. Receptionist  


Staying productive can be a task in its own right. We all have so much to do! It's easy to put certain tasks off until tomorrow, and then the next tomorrow. Before you know it, it's many tomorrow's later and...


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