May 2019



Time Management Skills
Article By: Arleen Taveras, President and CEO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


Do you ever wonder why some people are always on top of what they need to get done at work, at home, or at school? They seem to be able to manage their time so efficiently that they...  Read More


Beyond Small Talk: Get to Know Your Employees


Article By: Ted Taveras, President & COO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


Which would you prefer: a leader who offhandedly asks about your day or someone who makes time outside of work to get to know and support you? These are two very different leaders. It doesn't take much searching to...  Read More




Overcoming the Fear of Customer Service


Article By: Elisia Phillips, Marketing Specialist


When selling items whether you are face to face, online, or even over the phone it can be very...


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Spot On Insurance Welcomes Meg McKeen


Meg McKeen is the founder and Chief Confidence Builder at Adjunct Advisors, LLC. Their aim is to help individuals find success faster in an industry that is always evolving.  Meg has over 20 years of industry experience and specializes in ... Continue Reading


5 (Simple) Ways to Simplify Your Work Life


Article By: Elaine Nance, Marketing Specialist


From classics like Stephen Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to modern proponents like Marie Kondo, there's lots of advice out there on how to...  Continue Reading




Compliance Dos & Don'ts Welcomes Kristy Roberts


On May 9th, Kristy Roberts, Licensing & Compliance Manager with ILSA, Inc., shares her dos and don'ts for Directors & Officers Updates. Her secret for success: Make sure...


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