April 2019



Knowing It All
Article By: Ted Taveras, President and COO of ILSA and Spot On Insurance


For many people, especially those early in their careers, it’s tempting to believe that we need to know everything about insurance – or at least pretend that we do – to be successful. Many believe that...  Read More




We are excited to announce that Insurance Licensing Services of America, Inc. and Spot On Insurance will be attending the RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.) 2019 Annual Conference & Exhibition. Let us know if you will be there, and/or if you'd like to meet up with us while we are in the beautiful city of Boston!





Creating an Eco-Friendly Office


Article By: Cameryn Hutchison, ILSA's Eco Friendly Receptionist


Everyone is aware of the common “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto we've been chanting for years, but refuse is another one that we need to use...


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Spot On Insurance Welcomes Carey Ann Nadeau


In this episode, Carey describes how her company aims to revolutionize the way we measure risk. She shares the challenges she faced in corporate America and the reason she founded ODN. She shares some mind-blowing statistical facts and explains how ... Continue Reading



Learning to Whale Done


Article By: Elaine Nance, Marketing Specialist


Blanchard's books focus on building positive relationships, not only in our professional lives, but in our personal lives as well. Like most of his books, Whale Done! features...  Continue Reading





Spot On Insurance Launches Compliance Dos & Don'ts


On April 11th Dan Brown, a partner with Drinker Biddle, a full-service law firm that provides litigation, regulatory and business solutions to public and privatecorporations nationwide. Dan shares his dos and don’ts for brokers in the London markets who...


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Recent State Bulletins From ILSA's Newsroom




Visit ILSA's Newsroom to See Latest Bulletins, Articles & Press Releases from Regulators, and Industry Organizations.







PR Mastermind | Puerto Rico | April 19th - 20th


Global Insurance Symposium | Des Moines, IA  | April 23rd - 25th


Coming Soon 

RIMS | Boston, MA  | April 28th - May 1st


If you would like to set up a meeting while we're out and about, email ilsa@ilsainc.com and let us know! 




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