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Chevron-Fuel Your School


Mrs. Navarro's 5th grade class at Roosevelt Elementary, was a proud recipient of the Chevron Fuel Your School Award.  Due to the award, her class was able to purchase supplies for science projects, experiments, and hands-on learning.  Chevron's Award will enable her students to experience science for more in-depth learning.


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Chevron Fuel Your School Video Link



AVID Parent's Night at Woodard

Woodard Jr. High invited the parents of AVID students to learn more about the program and see first-hand what their children were accomplishing.  Students presented to their parents a mock tutorial and explained why this is helpful for their future.


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Industrial Arts at Castle Dome

Industrial Arts has been offered at Castle Dome Middle School for over 20 years.  Students enjoy learning basic wood-working skills, design, and creativity.  Throughout the school year, students create several projects at various skill levels.


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Industrial Arts Video Link




Odyssey of the Mind at Palmcroft

This school year, Palmcroft has brought Odyssey of the Mind to its students as an after school activity.  Each week, students work together to solve problems and build projects.  This collaboration focuses on creativity, teamwork, and thinking outside the box.


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Science at Otondo

Students at Otondo Elementary are excited to find out they will be visiting the STEM Science Lab, because it means fun, experiments, and exciting projects.  This month, students completed a Halloween themed chemistry experiment.


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Science Lab Video Link




Mustang Marathon Kick-Off

Alice Byrne Elementary invited a special guest to kick off the annual Mustang Marathon.  Meb, an Olympic runner, visited the students to speak about his road to the Olympics, and later joined the school in the first mile of their challenge.


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Mustang Marathon Video Link



Superintendent's Message


Yuma Elementary School District ONE is dedicated to providing a comprehensive curriculum and a wide array of electives and extracurricular activities at every school. This month the Community Newsletter features science labs, robotics and engineering, Odyssey of the Mind problem solving, CTE, AVID and health and fitness. Represented are schools from the east side of the district, midtown and the North End. Regardless of zip code or street address, all students in District ONE have access to opportunities to explore their interests and develop their strengths.


Increasingly, schools have turned to branding and marketing strategies to keep up with the relentless pressures of Arizona's school choice environment. These marketing techniques often are designed to highlight a niche program or appeal to a desired subset of the community. District ONE has remained steadfast in its commitment to serve the entire community through neighborhood schools that teach the whole child. We believe in the power of the community school.


In District ONE, school is a safe place led by caring professionals where children learn the hard academic skills, so-called soft social skills and critical executive skills. School is an environment in which children can explore, exercise and engage in enriching activities. It’s a community that builds on common ground while embracing our diversity. Most importantly, school is an ideal that offers the promise of equity of opportunity for every child, regardless of zip code, heritage or socio-economic status. Yuma Elementary School District ONE is comprised of seventeen different schools, but together they form ONE Community Pursuing Excellence!


Thank you for your ongoing support of your neighborhood public school.




Jamie Sheldahl


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