December 2014

Reflections from
the River


As 2014 comes to an end, it is only natural to reflect upon the year that’s passed. For Center for Hospice Care (CHC), this has once again been a record-breaking year. With average daily patient census levels at all time highs, we will have cared for more than 2,000 patients in 2014 alone.


This year also marks the first full year in our new facilities along the northern banks of the St. Joseph River, home to our community bereavement programs and our administrative and foundation offices. While work on the surrounding grounds continues, the building itself truly feels like home. The ability to host CHC and Hospice Foundation (HF) events on the Mishawaka Campus not only saves time and money, it enables us to raise awareness among people with whom we may otherwise have little or no contact. By continually educating the community about the benefits of hospice and palliative care, we expand the reach of both CHC and HF as we fulfill our mission to improve the quality of living.


As we look toward the future, we must continually prepare to embrace new challenges. With an aging Baby Boom generation, the need for quality end-of-life care continues to increase. And this comes at a time when the American healthcare system continues to change at a rapid pace. New federal regulations continue to be enacted with few healthcare dollars allocated to cover those in need of hospice care.


But with these challenges come opportunities as CHC works to continually provide high quality care throughout our eight-county service area. To meet this increasing need, plans are underway to construct two additional buildings on the Mishawaka Campus: a new, larger hospice house and a new building in which to house the expanding patient care staff needed to care for more and more patients during the coming years.


Of course, none of this has been possible without the help of our loyal donors. To all of you, we thank you and wish you the happiest of holidays and a prosperous New Year! 


Mike Wargo

Chief Operating Officer

2014 Annual Appeal:

The Circle of Caring Begins with You


The landscape of healthcare in America continues to change at a rapid pace. And as the Baby Boom generation ages, the need for end-of-life care will become even greater. This growing need for hospice services comes at a time when there are fewer healthcare dollars available to provide them.


Center for Hospice Care is Indiana's most chosen hospice program, serving more patients than any other provider in the state. By the number of patients served – 1,993 in 2013 – CHC ranks in the top 5% of all hospice programs in the US.


Patients and their families trust CHC to provide skilled, compassionate care. Our donors can also trust that their gifts are used to further our mission: to improve the quality of living. In 2013, 84% of the combined expenses of CHC and the Hospice Foundation were directed toward program services. Just 14% was used for management and general administration, and only 2% went to fundraising.


When CHC opened its doors in 1980, we made a promise that no one eligible for hospice care would ever be turned away – regardless of their ability to pay. It's a circle of caring that extends throughout our eight-county service area. We invite you to be part of it by making a gift to this year's Annual Appeal and receive a 2014 tax deduction. No gift is ever too large or too small to make a difference in the lives of those facing a life-limiting illness

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Time of Remembrance Memorial Service

Each year, Center for Hospice Care holds a Time of Remembrance Memorial Service for our patients' loved ones. This year's services were held on Sunday, December 7th, at three locations --- including one each in South Bend, Elkhart, and Plymouth. It is an opportunity for families to come together, sometimes for the first time since the passing of their loved one, to remember the person they lost.


The service includes a time of reflection, music and a reading of the names of those who died. This year, each family was presented with a candle in memory of their loved one.


According to CHC Bereavement Coordinator Holly Farmer, "The Memorial Service provides an opportunity to honor and remember those who have died over the past year, and be together with others who are also grieving. The families really appreciate being able to gather with the staff who took care of their loved ones." In all, 630 people attended one of this year’s services.

Santa Comes to Center for Hospice Care Mishawaka Campus

The holiday season is a time for families to come together and celebrate. The Center for Hospice Care family took the opportunity over the holidays to celebrate the season as well.


Saturday, December 6th marked the second annual Donuts with Santa event at the Mishawaka Campus. CHC employees brought their kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews for a morning of donuts, games, arts and crafts, and most importantly, a chance to meet Santa! As is usually the case, there were those who were scared of the jolly man, and those that were "too old to sit on Santa's lap," but most were very happy for the chance to talk with Santa. He was sure to ask how their grades were in school, if they helped out at home and he made sure to let everyone know he is a fan of home-made chocolate chip cookies (not the store-bought kind, he can tell the difference!) and a bit of eggnog.


Along with the chance to meet Santa, the children enjoyed coloring, decorating a picture frame, making a reindeer with a candy cane and several fun games. Over 40 youngsters participated in the morning's festivities. Many thanks go out to the committee of CHC employees for planning and helping out at the event, and several other people who volunteered to help that morning. A great time was had by all!



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