Recently, we have seen fraud attempts involving the theft of outgoing mail from members’ residential mailboxes. Fraudsters are targeting envelopes that contain checks and other personal information. 


Members mailing checks to pay their bills have found those checks stolen, altered (often being made payable to another payee and/or for a larger dollar amount), and then attempted to be deposited or cashed. The compromised member is left with a negative account balance and unpaid bills.


Below are a few tips for protecting against this type of fraud.

  • Never leave outgoing mail containing personal information, especially checks, in your mailbox overnight or during the day; have your mail ready to hand to the postal worker or deliver it directly to the post office (or USPS mailbox) yourself.
  • Enroll in SmartDebit™, our free online bill payment service. Most bills are paid electronically, saving you the cost of the stamp and the headache of account compromise.  In those cases when SmartDebit needs to send a check to complete your payment, those checks are mailed from a secured facility on your behalf. 
  • Review your account activity frequently. SmartMobile™, our mobile banking solution, lets you view your balances and recent account history on the go from the security of your smart phone. 
  • Set up SmartAlerts. Did you know that you can set up alerts for account changes, specific transaction activity, or even just to tell you when your account falls above or below a certain dollar balance?  SmartAlerts can be set up through SmartConnect online banking and can be sent to you by email or text.
  • Enroll in eStatements. Your mailed account statements contain personal account information – your share and loan balances, recent transaction history, even direct deposit information – and a savvy thief would just love to get his hands on this information from your mailbox before you do. eStatements are encrypted and stored securely online, and you can access them at your convenience right from SmartConnect™ online banking.  Print them or view them online, whichever you prefer. You'll get an email reminder when a new statement is ready, and one less envelope in your mailbox.

The security of your personal information is critically important to us; it’s one of the many reasons we have invested in these secure (and FREE) online services for you. Be sure to visit our Member Security Center for more financial security tips.


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